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School Policies


Students are to eat lunch in the Food Court. On rainy days, students will eat their lunch in the multipurpose room and the food court area. The gym will be open for activities only. Students must leave the classroom area five minutes after the passing bell. They may only return to class or to use the phone with a pass.


Paulding Middle School observes a closed campus pol­icy. Students who live close enough to walk home for lunch may apply for a pass to do so by bringing a note from their parents to the principal's office. No student is to leave the campus to eat lunch in an off campus area unless he/she is accompanied by his/her parent or des­ignated adult. In doing so, these students must also sign in and out of the office before going to lunch with a parent or designated adult. Students must have a note from their parents if they are leaving with a designated adult.


Parents are invited to visit classrooms, but they must check in at the office before doing so. It is recommended that contact be made with the instructor before the visit is made.

Students who are not currently enrolled in Paulding School may not visit classes or attend any school func­tions until the final bus leaves campus in the afternoon.


The first 15 minutes of every class period is to be free of all interruptions. Students will not be allowed out of class for any reason. This means students many not go to their lockers, the restrooms, other classes, or to the office. Similarly, the office will not send out for students. Please do not request to have your child called out of class dur­ing this time period. The offending student may serve lunch detention to clear the tardy.


If a student is moving, the parent should notify the school immediately so that the student's records can be forwarded. The student will also be given a withdrawal slip to use in signing out of all of his/her classes. All books and ma­terials must be turned in prior to withdrawal.


If a student’s appearance detracts from the general instructional atmosphere, creates a safety concern, or violates the dress code; the student will be considered inappropriately dressed and disciplinary action may be taken.
Clothing must:
Cover the torso completely (no bared midriffs), cover all undergarments completely, and fit the student properly.
Prohibited clothing:
Spaghetti straps; pajamas; tank tops; sheer (see through) clothing; clothing that promotes alco­hol, drugs, tobacco, sex, gang activity or violence; clothing items with spikes or chains, hats (on-campus); clothing that expresses racial, ethnic, or sexist slurs and clothing that violates Board of Education or California Education code as membership or promotion of gang activity.
Public Displays of Affection (PDA):

Holding hands and platonic hugs is all.


PE lockers will be assigned in their PE class. Lockers should never be used to store money or valuables. Students are responsible for maintaining their lockers in a clean, neat and safe condition.


Once a month recovered items will be placed on display. Items unclaimed will be donated to charity.


Materials are due three weeks after they are checked out. A ten cent a day fine will be charged for each school day that each item is overdue. Students may not check out more library materials until the fine is paid.

Ebooks and Ebook reader policies may differ. Check with the librarian for further information.

Students are responsible for books they check out. In the event that a book is lost the student will be required to provide funds for replacement. If the article is found after payment has been made a refund will be issued.

Students with unresolved library business, at the end of the year, will have their report cards withheld.


Students may access the internet services with the approval of the teacher or librarian. Students are expected to adhere to the district policies regarding use of computers, proper access and proper etiquette at all times. This policy is posted in the library. Failure to follow district and school policy may result in loss of computer privileges and disciplinary action.


A work permit is necessary for students fourteen years and older who desire to work. If you wish to obtain a work permit, they are available in the school office. You must have a job and social security number before a permit can be issued. By district policy, a student must have a 2.0 grade average to get a permit.


The District will periodically use dogs for the purpose of searching the buildings, lockers, vehicles, parking lots and personal possessions of persons on campus to determine the possible presence of drugs, alcohol and/or other items that students are forbidden by school policy to possess.


No gum anytime, anywhere on campus.


The telephone in the office may be used in cases where a student needs to contact a parent, ie. sickness, injury, etc. Teachers will not excuse students from class to make telephone calls except in emergency or unusual situations. If students need to use the phone, they must get a phone pass. There is no pay phone on campus.


As cellphones become more a part of our everyday lives, they are more prevalent on our middle school campuses. As important as they may be, they have limited or no educational value while at school, and can create significant distractions to students and disruptions to the learning environment. Cell phones are allowed at the middle school subject based on certain rules and regulations.

Cell phones are allowed at school but they must be turned off and out of sight from the moment a student steps on campus until 2:10 PM.. This includes break and lunch. Students may turn cell phones on and use them upon being dismissed from their last class of the day. Cell phone use is permitted at school sponsored activities after school as long as their use does not create a disruption to others.Violations of our school policies will be dealt with as follows:
  • 1st Violation - The cell phone will be confiscated and held in the office. The student may pick up the phone after school and must sign the Cell Phone First Violation Contract stating the consequences of continued violations.
  • 2nd Violation - The cell phone will be confiscated and held in the office. Only a parent/guardian will be allowed to pick up the phone and both the parent and student must sign the Cell Phone Second Violation Contract.
  • 3rd Violation - The cell phone will be confiscated and held in the office. The student may be suspended for up to three days for defiance and disruptions and only a parent/guardian may pick up the cell phone.
  • Continued Violations - The cell phone will be confiscated and held in the office. The student may be suspended for up to five days for continued defiance of school rules and the valid authority of the principal/designee as well as disruptive behaviors. Only a parent/guardian can pick up the cell phone.
When confiscated, students are prohibited from removing their battery, locking the phone, or removing their memory chip. The cell phone seized shall be inspected and inventoried. If data therein indicated that the student had used the item for improper purposes, including, but not limited to, cheating or the violation of the rights of other students, appropriate action will be taken by school authorities. The district or its employees will not be responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen personal electronic/gaming devices.

If a student is to take any medication at school, arrangements must be made through the office. An authorization to take medication must be filed by the par­ent. The medication must be clearly marked with the stu­dent's name, name of medication, doctor's name, expi­ration dates and rate of medication.
No medications, including aspirin, will be given to student unless the above conditions are met.


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